Harbour Garrick
Pencil on Paper (60cm X 42cm) - © Craig Bertram Smith 2015

One of South Africa's favorite gamefish, garrick or leervis, are well respected for their powerful fighting abilities. Despite being a member of the carangidae (trevally) family, garrick are clean fighters, usually staying clear of snags and structure.

Garrick have an unmistakable appearance, with a prominent lateral line and large, sickle-shaped fins. The prominent dorsal fin and a pronounced and slightly protruding anal fin, give the garrick its characteristic body shape.

In the drawing, the scene is set at sunrise against the backdrop of Port Elizabeth's harbour wall. A leerie is portrayed breaking the water's surface as it chases after a small shad. Capturing this split second of feeding frenzy is a challenge that requires a great amount of research and study. It is very important to me to understand how light behaves underwater and also how the fish moves, so that I can bring the concept to life.