Yellow Billed Hornbill
Acrylic on board (78cm X 58cm) - © Craig Bertram Smith 2015

A common sight in the African bushveld is the charismatic yellow billed hornbill. Foraging mainly on the ground in
dry grass and sandy habitat they pick out seeds, insects, spiders and scorpions.

In the painting I wanted to portray their characteristic activity showing the hornbill with a freshly caught
grasshopper snatched out from the grass. I wanted to focus primarily on the bird and grass directly behind it, applying
detail to the grass and the bold markings on the wings and breast of the hornbill. I also wanted the shape of the bird
in the picture to be echoed in the grass and sand, leading the eye from the head of the hornbill to its tail and then
following the grass diagonally to the left of the painting.