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Kob Chase Sketch - (Copyright Craig Bertram Smith-2009)
Pencil on Paper (42cm X 29.7cm)


“Kob Chase” depicts a hunting scene of a kob or kabeljou bursting forward out of the depths after a few flag-tail fish, but then singles out an imitation lure along the sandy estuarine river bed. I wanted to create motion and action, so I indicated dust in the background showing the path that the kob has taken chasing the bait fish. Estuarine rivers are usually quite silted and any movement along the bottom is sure to create quite a bit of dust - in this instance the dust along the flanks of the fish showing a determined frantic effort. As illustrated in the piece, the fish has been filled with fine detail showing the exact features of the fish – note the gill plates mouth and eye.

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All artwork and text is copyright 2009 Craig Bertram Smith. All rights reserved.

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