Kob on the Rocks - (Copyright Craig Bertram Smith-2011)
Acrylic on Board (54cm X 74.5cm)

The dusky kabeljou is a robust silver fish with a hint of subtle pink along the dorsal surface. The lateral line is very well developed with noticeable silver spots running down the flanks. Kob are extremely effective hunters, relying on their lateral line as they hunt in low light conditions.

Kob are prized amongst rock and surf anglers. They are found along the Southern African coast line and grow to in excess of 70 kilogrammes. These days though they are becoming increasingly difficult to find due to over fishing. Of concern is the fact that large fish, which are usually killed, are prime breeding specimens, while only the smaller sexually immature fish are released. The result is that most of the fish caught and released aren’t sexually
mature, resulting in limited breeding stock.