Ambush - (Copyright Craig Bertram Smith-2010)
Acrylic on board (45cm X 38cm)

There are not many species of fish that can boast being bright, luminous greens and partly because of the intense depth of this colour that almost glows from under the skin, the nembwe is a most striking freshwater species,

The nembwe is an African cichlids and a robust, aggressive and territorial predator. They lie in ambush amongst flooded timber, weed beds, or rocks, and are eagerly sought and enjoyed by anglers who chase them on lure and fly.

In this painting I wanted to capture the nembwe’s personality and character, and have shown it rushing from its lair while the bulldog fish, a tiny indigenous fish (and interesting in their own right), desperately try and escape the gaping maw.

The painting was designed as a logo for Afri-G Adventures and also a tattoo, but the original has been framed and put on display.