Spot On!
Acrylic on CANVAS (90cm X 60cm) - © Craig Bertram Smith 2015


Concept Sketch

Redfish are a highly soughtafter flyfishing species. They are usually found in large shoals in late summer over shallow, grassy bays and estuaries where they congregate to spawn. Fishing during this period is very productive and attracts fisherman from across the globe. The great Indian river of Florida, provides a perfect habitat of clear, shallow water where one is able to sight-cast to them.
Based on the actual event, my client explained that he wanted to commemorate this trip-of-a-lifetime with a descriptive painting, detailing the events that happened. The painting had to depict the way redfish congregated over the shallow, grass flats of the Indian River. A mullet imitation fly was presented on the edge of the shoal and a single fish split away to pounce on the fly. The fly fisherman (my client) stripped rapidly as fly was being chased down by a trophy redfish.