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The Appeal of the wild life and in particular the African Wild Dog for me is in the way they react naturally to their environment.
They have a particular function and are specifically designed for their purpose.

They are the marathon runners of the African bushveld, it is not so much their speed that they are such effective
hunters as they are indeed quick, but more their amazing long distance chases sometimes travelling 20 - 30
kilometres chasing their prey. Their stamina is unmatched and their prey usually circum through shear exhaustion.

They are extremely social animals as well and it is through team work that results in many successful hunting
sessions. Watching these incredible animals running effortlessly is true wildness.


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"Wild Dogs" - (Copyright Craig Bertram Smith-2009)

Oil on Board (75cm X 61cm)

“Wild Dogs” done with oil on canvas (75cm x 65cm). Wild dogs have fascinated me for some time with their social activities, their hunting abilities shown in their long enduring chases in capturing and killing their prey, and their striking painted like markings, no wonder they are nick-named Painted Dogs. I found myself drawn to paint this piece as I was transfixed by their strong features and striking colour patches and blotches all over their body. The dark browns and black create a distinguished contrast against the hazy green background. It forms a portrait of “Wild Dog” as a species, which is currently threatened as man continues to encroach on their fragile habitat.



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"Wild Dog Pursuit " - (Copyright Craig Bertram Smith-2009)

Oil on Board (75cm X 61cm)

This painting entitled “Wild Dog Pursuit” (done with oil on a 91cm x 61cm canvas), captures the very essence of their design. As indicated, they are the endurance runners of Southern Africa - a pack of Wild Dogs in full pursuit of their prey. I emphasized this by creating the effect of motion on the grassy floor and also showing movement of their legs. This contrasted wonderfully with their bodies which are in “focus”. Note the tail of another Wild Dog just out of picture towards the right, giving the impression of there being a larger group of dogs than what is seen. I made the Wild Dog closest to the viewer entering the picture on the left, a focal point and put a great amount of detail in the hair ears and eye. As with all my paintings, I spent a great amount of time and effort researching and sketching as I studied this interesting animal so that the message received by the viewer that these creatures are wild in every way.


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