Yellowspot Kingfish - (Copyright Craig Bertram Smith-2012)
Acrylic on Board (60cm X 90cm)

It is always inspiring to study and paint new species as was the case for my latest work of a yellowspot kingfish. This somewhat
elongated kingfish has small yellow spots interspersed with grey/black blotches on its flanks. These contrasting markings can
be quite pronounced and create attractive patterns. The play of light along the body of the fish and through the water are
important elements that illustrate the relationship between the fish and its environment; the rays of sunlight also
help to add depth to the scene.

This is a very personal painting for the client who wanted to capture the moment of landing a very memorable yellowspot
kingfish with his sons. The knowledge of what might have been attracted up from the depths, I visualized a
giant kingfish / GT just below the action..