Yellowtail Frenzy - (Copyright Craig Bertram Smith-2009)
Oil on Canvas (75cm X 61cm)

Over the years I have had increasing requests from fishermen wondering when I was going to do a painting of Yellowtail – Resulting in me deciding to paint a scene of yellowtail feeding.

A fantastic looking fish, extremely streamlined and very striking colours, with a band of copper or amber running down ether side of the flanks, the rest of the body boasting a golden shimmery glow.

Closely related to the Kingfish family, Yellowtail are recognised for being strong fighters and capable of stripping hundreds of meters of line backing. Painting the body of the fish in the foreground showing the colours laminating as the light dances over the skin in ever changing patterns from the suns rays was greatly fulfilling. I enjoyed bringing yellow into the painting which creates a wonderful contrast against the blue background. In the Painting “Yellowtail Frenzy” which is painted with oil paint on stretched canvas (75cm x 61cm), I indicated an interaction of the fish with the light filtering through the water by subtly suggesting defined edges of light being blocked by the fish.

The Yellowtail in the foreground is in pursuit of sardine, but its attention is focused on a bright coloured fly and closes in on it. As the painting suggests the moment is frantic and full of action. I strive to show fish reacting naturally to the elements and recording the event as accurately as I would imagine it would be in the wild.