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New Yellowtail Painting

With Winter just around the corner, it is hard to believe how far into this year we are already. I wonder if time passes more quickly with age and work commitments, or possibly it's life with a newborn and toddler? Or could it be a combination of the above?

That being said, I have some new work coming soon from my studio. I am excited about the near completion of the yellowtail painting that I have been working on. With a little more details to add, the final product should be released in the next week or two.

Painting deep water scenes is often challenging as natural light dissipates leaving a monotone of different shades of blue. With a bit of artistic license, I want to pick out some of the fish's distinctive yellow markings to create a visual contrast against the blue. Squid will be added as the prey, which requires a lot of detail and careful observation. Follow me on Facebook to receive more updates on this painting.

Due to customer demand, a full zip-up rain jacket option is now available in my clothing range. These jackets will be ideal protection from cold and wet weather while fishing or just out and about. There is a choice of over 40 designs to suit your preferred fishing discipline.

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