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mako shark chasing tuna underwater


R 1,200.00

SOLD (40cm x 48cm (16" x 19") Acrylic on fabriano)
© Craig Bertram Smith
Please contact for enquiries or if you would like to get a commission painted.

The mako shark, which is from the lamnidae family (Mackerel sharks), is robust and highly adapted to its high paced life. It hunts some of the fastest fish in the ocean like a range of tuna, billfish, dorado and many other pelagic's. Hooked mako's are often seen clearing the water as they make numerous jumps to rid themselves of the hook.

This has been a subject that I have wanted to paint for may years and it has been very fulfilling. I decided to include some frigate and tropic birds to indicate the presence of feeding action of the eastern little tuna. These little tuna are extremely nimble and fast as they hunt their prey. But there is always a bigger fish, and in this instance the shortfin mako shark forms the apex predator. I wanted to also add a few free riding pilot fish as well.

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