Fish and Wildlife Artist
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COMMISSION - SOLD (100cm x 60cm (40" x 24") Acrylic on canvas)
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© Craig Bertram Smith

Starting with a preliminary concept sketch, the Amazon project needed some careful planning and research to achieve the split second feeding event. 

 Preliminary Drawing

The painting features some of the most revered predator species, the focus though being on the payara and piranha. Adding the other species initiated intensive reference gathering to allow me to record and represent the species as accurately as possible. Creating a believable watery habitat was key, where the fish would be placed in different depth planes, some fading into the background haze while other "bursting" forward. It was with great satisfaction that the red-tailed catfish and bicuda were added, they are respected predators in their own right, their appearance was to hint to the Amazon's biodiversity.  

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