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Secret Smallscales

Secret Smallscales

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Secret Smallscales
Original SOLD - Acrylic on Canvas - 101cm x 50cm
© Craig Bertram Smith

It all started back in July 2022 when I was invited to fish the Asagai and Pongola Rivers with Horst, Ockie and Maryn. The target species were small and largescale yellowfish on flyrod. With a few beautiful specimens caught, we were able to get many good reference photographs of the fish, habitat and surrounding scenery. One particular memory stood out late one afternoon. Ockie found himself on a beautiful run on the Pongola River. It was on a bend where he was working a large cadis fly right next to the reeds where he picked up two large fish and also loosing two others within an hour. It was an unforgettable moment for all of us. I told him that this would be the basis of the painting. 
Armed with amazing memories and many photos, I was able to sketch the preliminary concept for approval and to also to form the blueprint for the painting going ahead.
With all the preparation done, I was able to start painting but focusing always on the feel of the particular habitat. Its not crystal-clear water but milky, and objects, particularly those in the background, are seen behind a haze. There's a lot of subtly in a painting like this, both in colour and detail to portray the particular habitat.

For enquiries on the original painting, contact or 083 519 7969 for enquiries

Preliminary Drawing

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