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Anything is Possible - Tarpon

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SOLD - Commission (76cm x 92cm (29" x 36") Acrylic on canvas)
© Craig Bertram Smith
Please contact for enquiries or if you would like to get a commission painted.

It is finished!! This commissioned painting has been one of the most fulfilling in recent years. From my first conversation with the client, I knew that this project would be something different from what I normally paint. I felt the importance of portraying this special moment just right, with a hint of an underlying back story that lead to my client's, Ockie and Maryn's, ultimate fishing dream come true - Catching giant tarpon in Gabon!

The Painting Process
After going through the full story and pulling together the most useful reference photos to use, the elements were sketched together in a small preliminary sketch to solidify the composition. With the painting mapped out, I could focus on the intense process of applying paint on canvas. With a constant awareness on proportion and paying special attention to the faces in the picture, I could just get caught up in the fulfilling process of watching the painting slowly come to life. 

Preliminary Sketch

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