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A painting of a redfish or red drum about to eat a blue swimming crab in shallow sea grass

Big Red

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The original painting is available (75cm x 34cm (30" x 14") Acrylic on canvas)
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© Craig Bertram Smith

Although redfish eat a variety of prey such as mullet, menhaden, shrimp, sea robin and lizard fish, just to name a few, they are most recognizable for feeding on crustaceans while tailing in shallow water.

In the painting entitled “Big Red”, I wanted to portray a large redfish going after a healthy sized blue crab, a resident in Florida waters. Paying close attention to details such as the unusual scale pattern running along the sides of the fish, and the movement of the seagrass together with the intricate patterns that are formed. The reflection on the water’s surface is also important as it reflects the grass. Another fascination for me is the ever-changing light display as it filters through the water.

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