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a painting of a black sparrow hawk chasing a bokmackierie over dry African grass veld

Black Sparrowhawk

R 1,500.00

SOLD, commissioned (75cm x 43cm (28" x 20") Acrylic on board)
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© Craig Bertram Smith

Intricate patterns, detailed design and delicate plumage, make birds very fascinating creatures. Most are phenomenally camouflaged as seen in owls and nightjars. But it is when they take to flight, that their true wonder is revealed. Swift and agile, yet graceful and powerful, some are long-distance travelers and others silent and stealthy hunters.

In this painting the panicked bokmackierie flies low amongst the grass dodging and diving to avoid capture. The Sparrowhawk being equally agile, relies on its strength of speed and power to catch it’s prey.

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