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a painting of a tigerfish jumping with its mouth open baring its teeth

Blazing Glory

R 1,500.00

SOLD, Commissioned (65cm x 84cm (26" x 34") Acrylic on board)
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© Craig Bertram Smith

The characteristic head shaking jump of a trophy tigerfish is what dreams are made of. It is a hart-stopping moment where landing the fish or watching the lure being thrown back at you, lies in the balance. Keeping it clear from submerged branches becomes the next challenge.

In painting “Blazing Glory ”, I made every effort to illustrate the detail in this split second flash. The tigerfish vigorously thrashes in an aggressive shake; its jaw is extended wide open showing the workings of the head and gill plates. And its distinctive teeth are exposed emphasizing its fearsome appearance. I spent a lot of time working on the head, inside of the mouth and gill structure, to form the focal point in the painting. An important element also is the splash and water spray. This conveys the movement of the tigerfish throughout the composition.

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