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a painting of a bar cheek coral trout with a coral reef background

Red Rover

R 1,850.00

SOLD, original commissioned (90cm x 120cm (36" x 48") Acrylic on canvas)
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© Craig Bertram Smith

Already Inspired by the spectacle of the Great Barrier Reef, it didn’t take any convincing when Craig was asked to paint a GBR reef scene. A wonderland of coral reefs and fantastical creatures at every glance, these coral shelves are alive with a kaleidoscope of colour complete with organisms of different shape, form and size.

The main character in the painting is the bar-cheek coral trout. A predominantly red-coloured fish, highlighted by electric blue spots, its name refers to the characteristic blue bars along the gill plates or cheeks, one of the major features differentiating it from similar species like the common coral trout.

Craig wanted to emphasise a colourful coral reef scene heaving with life, showing different species of fish, large and small, existing harmoniously in their habitat, and drawing attention to a complex variation of coral textures, form and colour.

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