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a painting of a brown trout about to take a fly

River Keeper

R 550.00

SOLD (90cm x 60cm (36" x 24") Acrylic on board)
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© Craig Bertram Smith

The elusive brown trout - robust and an aggressive predator, but selective to what it feeds on. It is not the easiest trout species to catch, but definitely one of the most treasured. Brown trout and especially the wild variety have some of the most beautiful markings imaginable. Here a male cock fish is indicated with a pronounced kype, evident in older wiser brown trout. It is examining a large dragonfly imitation.

"River Keeper" has been sensitively painted to show every intricate detail from scales, fin ray and rock texture to the water's reflection. The detail brings the splendor of the brown trout to life as it would be in the wild.

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