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a painting of a tigerfish chasing bream with a sunken tree in the background

Striped Ambush

R 1,500.00

SOLD, commissioned (85cm x 95cm (34" x 38") Acrylic on board)
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© Craig Bertram Smith

Sunken trees, rock piles and submerged roots are ideal structures for sheltering small bait fish. Predators like tigerfish patrol these structures, hanging back, just out of sight of the unwary prey. The tigerfish bursts in, tearing through a shoal of baitfish, and there is little chance of escape from some of the most impressive teeth in the fish world.

Conceptualizing the underwater habitat of a submerged uprooted tree is both enjoyable and challenging. Placing every branch purposefully is not only key to enhancing the flow and design of the picture but also portraying context.



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